Sulfolipid-1. How M. tuberculosis induces cough to enhance its spread (3/19/2020) - The survival of pathogens depends on the success of infecting uninfected hosts through food/drinks, aerosols, bites, sexual contact, or wounds. Although many of the infections take place in a passive manner, many pathogens contribute actively… More
SUMO. A potential therapeutic target against hypoxia-induced arrhythmias (2/27/2020) - Although the detrimental effect that hypoxia and ischemia have on the proper functioning of NaV1.5 channels has been described for a long time, the characterization of the molecular mechanism responsible for the appearance of hypoxia-induced… More
Norepinephrine. Stress provokes hair greying (2/11/2020) - Although gray hair is a characteristic sign of aging,  its appearance is also related with stress. A recently published study points to norepinephrine as the main character in the appearance of gray hair due to… More
NLRP3. Bat tolerance to viruses (2/3/2020) - Bats are known to be the major reservoir of a multitude of viruses, such as Ebola virus, Nipah virus, SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) coronaviruses, the influenzavirus A and… More
Tetramethyl bisphenol F. A feasible alternative to bisphenol A (1/29/2020) - Over the last years, evidence has been accumulating about the possible threat that bisphenol A (BPA) poses to human health due to its endocrine effects [Bonefeld, 2007; Richter, 2007; Rochester, 2013; Mustieles, 2015]. Following the… More

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Potential Treatments for COVID-19 (3/4/2020) - On 31 December 2019, WHO was informed of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of unknown cause detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China [WHO, 2020]. Since then, while the world is trying to… More
Oxygen transport proteins. The colors of blood (1/17/2020) - One of the challenges that multicellular life face throughout evolution is the control of the homeostasis of the whole body. In metazoans, blood plays an essential role in maintaining homeostasis by carrying nutrients, oxygen and… More
Luciferins. The molecular bases of bioluminescence (11/23/2019) - In 1885 the pharmacologist H. Raphaël Dubois coined the term luciferin to refer to those organic compounds that emit light in the presence of oxygen and an enzyme, termed luciferase [Vacher, 2018]. Since then, nine… More
Deadliest toxins. Toxicity and mechanisms of action (9/11/2019) - Toxins are chemical compounds of biological origin with deleterious effects on a living organism [Hodgson, 2015; Clark, 2019]. The most extended method to evaluate the toxicity of a substance is the median lethal dose, LD50,… More
Sweeteners. Definition and types (6/13/2019) - Any substance, natural or artificial, that activates the sweet receptor (T1R2-T1R3) (Figure S1) is considered a sweetener [Lee, 2017]. Hundreds of compounds meet those criteria. From a chemical point of view, sweeteners can be monosaccharides… More

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